About Algenesis

Algenesis is a material science and technology company on a mission to help the planet recover from the pollution caused by products made from fossil fuels.

Who We Are

Our scientists redesigned plastic materials to harmonize with nature. Our patented Soleic™ technology is the world’s first high performance, renewable, and fully biodegradable plastic material made from algae.

Algenesis was founded in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Mayfield. Steve is an accomplished scientist, a distinguished professor at UC San Diego, and a successful biotechnology entrepreneur. Algenesis is his 4th company in the space.  His pioneering work on biofuels helped create a supply chain for algae polyol, one of the key raw materials in bio polymers.  When the biofuel market crashed in 2014 due to the low price of oil, Steve pivoted to the $30 billon USD polymer market where customers had an unmet sustainability need. Traditional petroleum plastics are responsible for a tidal wave of air, land, and sea pollution that is destroying ecosystems and harming wildlife. Soleic™ technology was developed to address this global plastic pollution crisis.  Our initial product line consists of soft foams for footwear and hard foams for surfboards. We continue to research new applications for Soleic™ technology. Algenesis is also developing new technologies with exciting product applications across multiple industries.

Stephen Mayfield, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Cooke


Rob Purvy

Executive VP of Product

Nitin Neelakantan

Head of Product Development

Chris Mayfield

Project Manager

Gordon Scofield

Urethane Process Engineer

Natasha R Gunawan

Research Scientist - Biodegradation

Marissa Tessman

Research Scientist

Suri Sherman

Lab Technician - Chemist

Jose Brizuela

Polymer Engineer

Pete Morgan

Pete Morgan
Chief Financial Officer

Michael Burkart, PhD

Chief Scientist

Dan Dearen

Board Member

Stephen Mayfield, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Morgan

Pete Morgan
Chief Financial Officer