Our scientists redesigned plastic materials to harmonize with nature. Our patented Soleic™ technology is the world’s first high performance, renewable, and fully biodegradable plastic material made from plants. Listed below are the products manufactured using our material technology.


A new biodegradable* footwear brand owned by Algenesis.

*Every single component of our plant-based shoes biodegrade under aerobic composting conditions (ASTM D5338) - which means, they will completely break down when exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms in compost.  Visit to discover how our shoes are made.

Rigid Foams for Surfboards

Our CEO, President, and CFO at ALGENESIS are all surfers.  We share a common passion for the ocean and nature. These values are at the core of our mission to help protect the earth’s ecosystems from plastic pollution.  During the development of Soleic™ some of the early polymer formulations yielded rigid foams. That’s when the idea to build a surfboard was born!  We partnered with Arctic Foam in Oceanside, CA to collaborate on the formulation.  It didn’t take us very long to make a really high-quality board.  We launched the news of our achievement and our board went viral on the internet.  That first surfboard has been shipped all around the world to conferences and the debut video has over a million hits.  We are now producing high performance and fully biodegradable surfboard blanks for shapers across the globe, in partnership with Arctic Foam.  Pro surfers tested and approved the final production of Soleic™ algae foam blanks.

Soft Foams for Footwear

Our first product was a surfboard and the news went viral on the internet.  The shoe companies contacted us shortly after that to begin developing soft foams for footwear.  We’re now working with several industry leading footwear brands to develop specific formulations of Soleic™ foam for commercial launch.  We are excited to announce that REEF will be our first official production partner, with more details to come on the collaboration.  In the next 12 to 18 months, we expect to have lots of Soleic™ footwear products on the market.  Stay tuned to the news section for announcements.