Case Study #1

Arctic Foam

“We’re proud to announce our collaboration with Algenesis in producing the first poly blanks made out of 100% sustainable algae oil.  We’ve been amazed at what we’ve been able to get done with Steve Mayfield, Mike Burkart and Skip Pomeroy at UC San Diego. Almost from the first blank out of the mold we were seeing the kinds of density, cell structure, flex, torsion and “shapability” we demand from our top-of-the-line P/U blanks. On top of that, we were able to keep to the aesthetics of our current line-up…avoiding blanks that look like something made out of lawn clippings.”

- Marty Gilchrist, Head of Business Development, Arctic Foam

Our collaboration with Arctic Foam, a surfboard company "dedicated to providing superior polyurethane surfboard foam", has allowed us to create the worlds first ever algae-based blank surfboard. Polyurethane foam derived from algae feedstocks will make a more “ocean-friendly” surfboard blank with a reduced carbon footprint. This is a dramatic advance for polyurethane foam and will accelerate the sustainable transformation within the surf industry.

While Algenesis aims to change the face of bio-based chemicals for the planet, Arctic Foam's mission is to change the face of surfboard foams in the surf industry. Together, our partnership takes sustainability to the next level, creating a superior experience for the surf community, while also decreasing the environmental impact the product has on the earth.