Algenesis owned brand, BLUEVIEW Footwear, officially launches

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March 28, 2022

CARDIFF, Calif., March 28, 2022 -- BLUEVIEW Footwear, an Algenesis owned brand officially launches a new sustainable footwear brand dedicated to protecting the planet from plastic pollution, providing consumers with the world’s first to market biodegradable* shoe. Revolutionizing the footwear industry, BLUEVIEW replaces petroleum plastics with plant-based plastics to create BLUEVIEW’s inaugural sneaker, the BLUEVIEW Pacific. This sneaker utilizes innovative new plant-based materials, featuring Soleic® and PlantKnitTM for a sustainable and stylish sneaker that provides an ocean of comfort with serious durability. The BLUEVIEW Pacific sneaker is available for pre-order nationwide for $135 at

*Every single component of our plant-based shoes biodegrade under aerobic composting conditions (ASTM D5338) - which means, they will completely break down when exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms in compost.  Visit to discover how our shoes are made.