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Our Technology

Biopolymers: are any polymer that is made from monomers derived from living organisms, usually

microbes, plants or animals. A subclass of biopolymers are bioplastics.   While Henry Ford utilized 

soybean oil to make plastics for a car he was developing, the use of biological materials was quickly 

replaced by cheap and readily available petroleum products.  Today biopolymers are enjoying a 

renaissance as new biodegradable plastics - formed from renewable raw materials - are entering the 

marketplace. The use of renewable sources means real change for the current polymer industry 

which is almost completely based in petroleum products.  Not only is petroleum a finite 

nonrenewable source, the plastics derived from petroleum products often creates a waste 

management issue as they are typically non-biodegradable. 
















Our goal at Algenesis is to create 100% renewable, biodegradable bio polymeric products starting 

with products focused on the outdoor recreation industry. Cost, compatibility, performance, and 

sustainability are all challenges for converting renewable resources into industrial materials.  In 

addition, for bio-polymer to make their way into the supply chain, sufficient quantities of the 

materials at competitive prices are required.  At Algenesis, we recognize this reality and have 

decided to enter into formulating bio-polymers built around the outdoor recreation industry.  We 

feel this group of niche consumers embraces the environmental and sustainability impacts of 

renewable bio-polymers and bio-plastics. Our initial product is to replace a key component in 

polyurethane surfboard foam with one derived from a renewable source.  We chemically convert 

algae oil into polyols. (Poly – many + ol for alcohol or OH groups = polyol). From these we can 

formulate polyurethane foam that has the required performance characteristics for use in surfboard 

blanks.  We started with surfboards because in surfing, more than almost any other sport, you are 

totally connected and immersed in the ocean environment, and yet that connection to that 

environment is through a piece of plastic made from fossil fuels.  We thought that was not right, and 

we believe that the surfing industry agree with us.

























Although the surfing industry wants renewable and biodegradable products, those products must 

still meet highly demanding performance characteristics. Issues of compatibility and performance 

result when the bio based materials do not allow a direct replacement into an existing formulation.  

The key then is to re-formulate the bio-based polymers to obtain a finished polymeric product with 

the performance expected by the manufacturer. This is exactly what sets Algenesis apart from all 

other bio-based chemical company – a complete dedication to developing sustainable renewable 

biodegradable products that meet the most demanding specification.

Arctic Foam Glassing

We have been working on algae blanks with Arctic Foam since the very beginning. They shaped and glasses the worlds first algae boards!